*We. Do. It. All*: Meet Marcela, our Members Satisfaction Manager

Positive leaders and teamwork are the heart of a business. Marcela Montero, with her ability to build strong relationships and connect teams, is definitely the heart at Omnifique. She currently leads our Members Satisfaction Team, where she deals with homeowners, guests, and vendors to make sure to meet everyone’s needs. She truly does. it. all. 

Marcela has an impressive background in business administration, finances, and customer service. Her professionalism ensures an unforgettable experience for everyone. Think of her as a 21st-century fairy godmother who waves her hand to provide a 5-star experience for homeowners and guests. 

Read on to discover how Marcela’s focus on relationship-building results in Omnifique’s day-to-day success:

Tell us about your career so far. How has your previous work experience influenced your role at Omnifique? 

I started working at a very young age in Bolivia with the Bolivian Senate and the Ministry of Sustainable Development. There I was in charge of research but had a lot of contact with people. When I moved to Chile, I started teaching English and was managing an English institute. I had constant contact with students, parents, and several businesses that hired private lessons for their employees.  

During the last eight years, I have worked with big companies like SGS, ADMIOS, and Coca-Cola in the administrative area, as well as being in charge of client satisfaction. All these experiences have given me the techniques to manage some administrative aspects of Omnifique but have also provided me a powerful and robust background on what to do as a Members manager and work not only with homeowners but guests, vendors, and my team.    

How would you describe the service provided by your team?

The service my team provides without a doubt is excellent but most important of all, it is adaptable and suits everyone’s needs. When I say everyone, I mean not only our homeowners but also our wide variety of guests. I feel that being capable of adapting to the different needs and markets is, without a doubt, our number one quality. The people that make up the Omnifique family are the “do it all people” and have an “I’ll learn everything I don’t know” mentality. This way, we are continually metamorphosing to our best versions.

Why should other homeowners join Omnifique?  

Working with our team makes all the difference. The key to our success has been the personal relationships that we have developed with each of the homeowners. We don’t treat them like a business, rather as our family. We worry about their safety and well being. We enjoy their house remodels and revamps, new gardens, furniture, animals, entertainment, and all the new additions they get as much as they do. We are proud and happy when they share with us their latest pictures and videos. At Omnifique, we adjust the service to their availability, not forcing them to specific dates or months. They can decide if they can and want to rent their property.

We offer security to them, meaning they know their property will be taken care of as if it were ours. We respond to any damages guests have caused. We provide excellent service and return the houses impeccably-clean and organized as if they had never left. We are a do it all company, so we don’t want them to have extra work, we can help them get their Rental License and take care of their taxes. Finally, we are available 24/7.  

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