Private Settings & Poolside Meetings: the Future of Telecommuting?

We envision a future where the lines between business and leisure travel continue to blur. Why? Well, if you’ve been following the news, you’re likely seeing signs pointing to a permanent shift to telecommuting for many office workers. Going forward, corporate culture may be shaped by more elevated home offices, destination meetings, and retreats. What does this mean for corporate America? Here are some thoughts:

1. Out of safety concerns, more travelers will opt for private accommodations over hotels.

It’s imaginable that, at least for the foreseeable future, many Americans will be inclined to avoid crowds. Corporate and leisure travelers alike may prefer to stay with friends or colleagues in a private property over a busy, bustling hotel. Imagine a stunning mountain retreat supported by a small team dedicated to just your group. The lack of traffic noise and the unique settings may be added pluses. 

2. Being able to work “from home” anywhere offers a new level of freedom that can enhance the quality of life.

Whereas before, it might’ve been hard to get away from work, the shift to telecommuting means you can take work with you. Changing things up by moving the family to a private property in a new and scenic setting can work wonders for those craving something different. Fun-filled on-site activities can occupy your family until you join them during post-work hours. Think infinity edge pools, saltwater spas, playgrounds, bowling alleys, saunas, home cinemas, game rooms, or whatever sparks joy. 

3. A natural setting can also be beneficial for mental health. 

Research has shown that exposure to nature and the outdoors can decrease cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental distress, and improve general psychological well-being. So, in these times of isolation and uncertainty, which can take a toll on people’s health, time in nature can literally be what the doctor orders. Choosing a setting in nature for your family or executive retreat can be useful for everyone’s health, as long as the need for social distancing continues to be a reality.

4. Corporate retreats will become more critical for telecommuting teams. 

As more and more teams see less of each other, we can imagine a greater focus on the quality of corporate get-togethers. A day-long strategy session might be followed by a day together by the pool, bowling in the onsite alley, catching a movie in the in-home theatre, or dining al fresco on a chef-prepared meal. It’s team-building at its best. With the money saved on office space, there may be more room in the budget to treat your staff to a rewarding and re-energizing retreat.

All of this suggests, at a minimum, a continuation and quite conceivably, an acceleration of the “bleisure travel” trend that pre-dates the pandemic and has been gaining momentum over the past couple of years. The sudden and drastic shift to telecommuting has been a trial-by-fire exercise to show what’s possible. In contrast, the long periods of isolation and distancing are likely to increase people’s appreciation for the opportunities to get together with loved ones, colleagues, and friends. 

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