Dreaming of England: The Concept Behind Indigo’s Intriguing Design

Every property on our portfolio is thoughtfully curated by our team of professionals. We are passionate about choosing exclusive estates around the world. Some of the things we look out for when hunting for a new property include an interesting story, a coveted location, or chic design. Indigo, in Boulder, Colorado, features these elements and more. 

Discover what inspired the design of this Architectural Digest-worthy asset in words of its homeowner.

What was the overall concept behind the design of the house?

Every property has its own story. “Dry stack” is a building technique in which you use concrete blocks with no mortar. This type of construction is extremely strong, these walls are best used to build the main structure of a house.

This technique is typical of Northern England, where my husband and I are from. The dry stacking is reminiscent of the stone houses from the Lake District, and the colorado stone that we chose for the house is also used in Yorkshire Dales. 

We wanted that kind of stone and also a modern design. We needed it to make sure that it fitted in with the environment and the beautiful Boulder landscape. We wanted it to fit in with the lake. The overall concept was New Yorkshire, definitely. We also wanted a flexible living space, being able to change it around and having the dining room where the other fireplace is. We have the snug as a dining room if we wanted, just to have a change. We changed the main area out, and we have the dining table in the main lounge. We wanted a couple of different islands and a big area to entertain.

What drew you to the property?

The unprecedented views of the lake and the space. My husband and I designed every window, closet, room, every nook, and cranny! We created everything. One of the key design elements of the house is the master suite. We wanted to be away from our children, to have a quiet and sweet area. 

What’s your favorite corner in the house?

Sitting on the deck in the evening, or during a thunderstorm. Watching the different cloud formations over the mountains. The color of the mountains change in the morning, the evening, it is just continual. Also, being in the kitchen. I can see the mountains through the nook and the lake through the main patio’s door.

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