Destination Staycations: How COVID-19 Shaped Traveler Behavior

Your typical Summer and Fall travel plans have been thwarted. You’ve done your part – staying in, wearing masks, and quarantining when necessary. But for many, the itch to travel has only been worsened by the cabin fever of the past several months. Is there a way to plan a vacation responsibly? The good news: YES, there is – and it comes in the form of high-end vacation rentals. 

Rental Properties are Superior to Hotels

You may be surprised to learn that the attraction of rental properties has actually increased during the pandemic. In fact, between May and June of 2020, vacation rental properties have been booked 20% more than during the same period in 2019. What’s more, travelers are being drawn to areas in scenic locations, where outdoor adventures off the beaten path afford them the social distance required today. In lieu of crowded restaurants and shopping, secluded beaches, mountain trails, and tranquil lake views are now the sought-after destinations-du-jour. 

Technological advances now offer travelers the ease of convenience in vacation homes as well. Whether it’s contactless entry, grocery-delivery services, or personalized electronic excursion itineraries, there’s no need to sacrifice the perks of a true vacation despite the lack of face-to-face interaction. What’s more, many travelers report preferring these means of communication and service, which allow them more time to unwind and spend time with family and friends.

Be in the Know Before you Go

Seasoned travelers understand that mitigating that risk is not only prudent but entirely possible. Here are some of the guidelines you must consider before selecting your destination choice and rental type:

•Be aware of the current viral transmission level in your community and the one you are planning to travel to. Going from high-to-low transmission areas may trigger a mandatory quarantine period for you upon arrival, whereas traveling from low-to-high transmission areas can present the same quarantine stipulation upon your return home. 

•The “viral culture” of the area you want to travel to may be quite different than where you live. For example, some communities are extremely mask-compliant, while others are not. Check to see what local mandates and guidelines are in place at your destination if you plan to venture from the vacation rental property.

•Check local area closures before booking. You may have your heart set on taking selfies on a scenic mountain vista, only to have your insta-dreams crushed upon finding out that state park is currently closed. 

Above all, prioritize booking with a reputable company that you trust. This is perhaps the singular most important factor to consider when planning your pandemic travel. Not only will a trustworthy booking company oversee all of the important points above, but they’ll also adhere to the highest sanitation and disinfection practices that are absolute musts for traveling now. What’s more, a fabulous booking company will turn your travel destination into the staycation of your dreams. It’s times like these that allow companies to really wow you.

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