5 Important Considerations for High-End Home Rentals in 2021

We’ve all felt the effects of the COVID-19 world pandemic and the travel industry, in particular, has suffered in more ways than one. International travel is practically at a standstill, domestic travel has decreased drastically, and there’s a general desire to maintain social distancing, which is one of the reasons why high-end home rentals in secluded domestic locations are becoming an attractive option for many.

COVID-19 Property Standards

As restrictions across the world continue to reduce, we’re likely to see the number of travelers begin to increase accordingly, which is great news for home-rental owners, but the first consideration to bear in mind here is that travelers are likely to demand more from the properties that they rent. 

Cleaning protocols and safety measures will need to be beyond impeccable. Firstly, to fall in line with government regulations, but secondly as a direct response to nervous travelers, concerned about the prospect of virus transfer during their stay. The need to have a team dedicated to high property standards is something for all high-end home-rental owners to bear in mind. 

Hotels, Homes, and Locations

In the long term, it seems highly probable that more travelers will choose to rent high-end homes over 5-star hotels and most people are likely to choose domestic locations over international ones, for fear of having their stays canceled. Additional requisites for international travel are also bound to encourage travelers to look closer to home for their travel plans in 2021.

If you’re considering the idea of investing in a high-end rental home in light of our changing world context, we’d definitely recommend an investment in a property located on the outskirts of a major U.S. city. The Hamptons in New York, Palm Springs for California, and Greenwich on the outskirts of Connecticut are just three examples. COVID-19 numbers continue to fluctuate and many residents living in cities where the infection is widespread benefit greatly from homes in secluded 

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