5 Reasons Why our 5-Star Homes are Effective Environments for Work

Not everyone who chooses to stay in a 5-star home is on vacation. Many people reserve a stay in our high-end homes because they need a place to work. High-pressured jobs demanding tight deadlines, the final thesis, an important new project that will make or break the company’s cash flow for the following year… 

These are all valid reasons why some people need to get away from the office, or away from their home environments, find their flow and get things done. So, let’s take a deeper, more inspiring look, at why people choose high-end solutions for business and educational purposes.

Increased Creativity

It can be difficult to turn on the creative juices when you’re looking at the same four walls every day, or when you’re surrounded by the same views through your window. The sheer act of moving to a different location is sometimes all that’s needed to turn a relatively good project into one that’ll be remembered for a long time to come.

Naturally, the added bonus of staying in a 5-star home is that extra sensation of bliss not experienced to the same degree when staying somewhere mainstream or less unique. The one-of-a-kind nature of a 5-star home helps to take us away from the daily grind and places us just where we need to be to produce something memorable. 

Determined Timeframes

The second great thing about getting away in order to work, is that you know you have a certain timeframe within which to complete all tasks. The structure that a work vacation provides is sometimes just what we need to move things forward. While we may set ourselves deadlines at home, there’s something more finite about completing a project while “on vacation” and there’s an aspect of excitement that goes hand in hand with that deadline too.

Zero Distractions

When you’re at the office, even if you’re working from home during the current pandemic, you’re vulnerable to constant distractions from other members of the team who need you to just check this little thing really quickly, or just sign this, or just have a quick 5-minute chat about this, or just…

The same applies when working from home. It’s easy to switch on the TV, call a friend, cook something, decide that it’s imperative that you organize your book collection before you can either think about launching yourself into the task at hand. But when you rent a 5-star home, you can choose to be completely isolated from the routine that enables you to procrastinate.

What‘s more, with the “we make it happen” services that we offer at Omnifique, you can choose to relieve yourself of all day-to-day tasks, like cooking, shopping, cleaning, and just concentrate all efforts on the reason for your stay, until the task is complete.

Battery Recharge

If you have a high-powered job, or the demands of your course are a little overwhelming, it might not always be possible to actually take a vacation and pull the drawbridge up on work completely. But that doesn’t mean that your body and mind don’t need a break. In fact, it probably means that your body and mind are in need of a break, more than ever.

When choosing to rent a 5-star home, even if it’s just for a few days, just the simple change of environment can help to recharge your batteries. When you’re in a different home, in a different location, with different furniture, utensils, amenities, and views, the experience can be a really refreshing one, even if you choose to work or study as much as you want.

Business + Pleasure = Bleisure. And we advise you to watch this space, because bleisure is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. 

Corporate Bonding

If you organize a stay at a 5-star home as part of a corporate training week, for example, the relaxing “home” nature of this kind of property, as opposed to a hotel, encourages team positivity in many ways, particularly in terms of corporate bonding. CEOs who want their teams to work closer together can successfully set in motion the kind of interaction they’re looking for by choosing the right kind of environment – the home, the location, and the amenities – to suit their teams, their goals, and the specific group dynamics in play.

In fact, when organizing a 5-star home stay through Omnifique, our team guarantees the opportunity to have all special requests included as part of the entire home-stay experience. If you want your team to work in the morning, enjoy yoga classes in the afternoon and then try new foods, or study, or watch movies, or swim, or whatever comes to mind at night, we can make that happen. 

What we’re saying is, when it comes to work, you’ve got nothing to lose in giving the high-end home experience a try and we’re here to help guide you.

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