The 10 Most-Read Omnifique Blogs of 2020

We love writing blogs, and it seems that many of you love reading them, which lifts our spirits that much higher. So, we thought we’d investigate a little to discover which blogs from 2020 you most enjoyed, and here they are. Reminisce over what you’ve already read, or take the opportunity to connect with some great reads for the first time. Enjoy!

1. Top 6 Art Galleries in Aspen

From the Baldwin Gallery to the Joel Soroka, our editorial team did a little digging and selected the Omnifique Top 6 for art galleries in Aspen. So, if you happen to be planning a trip to Aspen in 2021, you might want to give this blog a read. Contemporary and traditional, the art scene in Aspen will leave you spoiled for choice. Have fun!

2. How to Go Hygge and Get Cozy

Do you know what hygge is? Do you know where the word comes from and what it takes to experience the most awesome hygge around? This cute, fun blog was a real hit in 2020, and we’d like to see more of our community connect with its contents. It’s a feel-good blog, all about coziness, comfort, intimacy, and doing what you love. What’s more, it’s a blog that shows you how to create hygge experiences in the home. What more could our 5-star home rental community wish for?

3. Making *IT* Happen: How our CEO & COO Get Things Done

It doesn’t surprise us that Kate and Pam’s Making It Happen blog was one of the 2020 hits because we doubt that there are two more inspiring individuals on the planet. If you’re hoping to make things happen for you in 2021, we suggest taking the time to explore how our CEO & COO approach each new challenge faced. Inspirational!

4. Exploring the Benefits of Sujok Therapy

It’s no secret that our community loves new experiences and embraces wellness with open arms, which is probably one of the reasons why our 2020 blog about the benefits of sujok therapy was so well received. From origins to the healing process itself, we shared a brief, but a highly informative window into the world of sujok therapy via this blog, so check it out!

5. Our 15 Essential Boulder Restaurants

Are you planning a trip to Boulder in 2021? Do you love fine dining and live your life moving from taste to taste and aroma to aroma? If the answer is yes, check out our list of essential Boulder restaurants, a real favorite among the Omnifique community in 2020. BUT REMEMBER, connect with each restaurant ahead of time for an update on current opening times and reservation policies. Always be prepared, they say!

6. Clean Lines, Simple Shapes, and a Love of Light: What is the Bauhaus?

Are we inviting you to a game of Double Jeopardy? No. We’re inviting you to learn about the Bauhaus: a school that would merge architecture and industrial design with the fine arts, inspired by geometry and color theory, and founded by German architect Walter Gropius (1883–1969) in 1919. This is a fascinating blog, and we recommend taking a peek.

7. Private Settings & Poolside Meetings: the Future of Telecommuting?

Trends, trends, and more travel trends. If there’s one thing we love to be on top of at Omnifique, it’s what lies ahead. We believe that poolside meetings and private settings will lead the way for telecommuters in 2021 and beyond. Tap into the contents of this favorite 2020 blog to find out why.

8. Eight Facts About the Current State of the Travel Industry

2020 is a year that will surely go down in the history books, and particularly in those books written by travelers. The impact of COVID-19 was global, affecting many industries, including travel. Just as the future began to look bleaker than bleak, with air passenger numbers dropping to historic lows, consumers began to adapt, and travelers began to journey once more. Connect with this favorite 2020 blog just one more time and relive a historic moment in the world of travel. The moment when the traveler within us stood up and said… I just can’t remain still any longer.

9. Our Top 4 High-End Homes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Pandemic or no, our community decided that Christmas was going to be grand in 2020, which is probably why this blog, listing our top high-end home recommendations for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, was so popular. Check it out!

10. Meet Heidi, our Director of Corporate Partnerships

Quite clearly, the Omnifique community loves Heidi, our Director of Corporate Partnerships, and who doesn’t? In this short interview, she kindly gave us an insight into the measures taken by the Omnifique team to ensure the safety and wellbeing of homeowners and guests alike. We made sure that travel in 2020 was possible, and Heidi explains how.

Have you got a favorite Omnifique blog from 2020 that doesn’t happen to be on our list? If so, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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