How to Take the Perfect Photograph on your 5-Star Homestay Vacation

Our 5-star homes and their surrounding views are gorgeous. This is not an opinion; it’s a fact. If there’s one thing we know how to do at Omnifique, it’s select incredibly unique, high-end homes for our esteemed guests to relax in. But do you ever find that when you take a photo, it just doesn’t do justice to what your eyes have the pleasure of looking at?

If this sounds a little like you and you’re simply dying to take that awesome photograph designed to make friends and family fall head of heels in love with your last vacation spot, then we’ve got a few composition tips to help. Take a look…

It’s All About the Frame

A compelling photograph that creates a real impact is never a photograph of a flat landscape. Photographs need content, dynamic compositional elements that give shape and form to the capture. It’s a good idea to frame your shot to include three specific features and to position yourself so that when you take the photograph, these three elements form a geometric shape, like a triangle.

For an even more sophisticated shot, aim to include elements that add depth to the photograph: elements positioned in the foreground while others hold their own in the background. Play around, have some fun, and explore the landscape you’re trying to capture before settling on a composition that might not be 100% up to scratch.

The Background and Foreground Balance

If you visit the city this year and you find yourself with the challenge of capturing busy street scenes, it’s important to remember that the background – whatever it is behind the main subject of your photograph – is usually relatively distracting and can reduce the dramatic impact of your chosen protagonist.

A simple way to avoid this is to get closer to the subject of your choice, either physically or via the zoom function on your camera, reducing the background interference dramatically as a result. Note to photographer: if you’re trying to capture using a smartphone, remember that these built-in cameras are designed to bring all subjects into clear view, and so the challenge is more significant. The trick? Get closer, zoom in a little further. 

When it Comes to Color, Less is More

Too much color can really unbalance the beauty of any photograph. You need to be a very highly skilled photographer to ensure a sense of harmony when dealing with a range of particularly vibrant colors in the same frame. So, keep things simple and aim to capture moments that present a combination of just two main colors. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this small shift in detail can make.

Consider the Photographic Genre of your Reel

Are you going for realistic and natural, lots of light and high contrasts, fun and cheeky, or something else? Do you want to exaggerate the height or the width of the elements in your frame? Is the sky the most captivating element of your surroundings, or are you inclined to focus all your attention on close-ups, detailing tiny insects in the surrounding nature and the beautiful tones of the petals in the garden?

When you ask yourself these kinds of artistic questions, you prevent the error of the snappy-happy photographer, just shooting anything and everything at will, without giving real thought as to when, why, and how. The more deliberate your choice of frame, the better, and the more consistent each shot is with the next, the greater the impact will be when you share your photographs as an album of the entire trip. Assume the role of a professional photographer and play that role to the utmost.

Ready to get that camera out? We hope so!

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