Meet our leaders who make the magic happen behind the scenes, every day in every way. Discover for yourself our motto that inspires our work and your experience - enjoy, we make “it” happen!

Kate George

Founder-CEO (Whiz-Bang Champion)
Born and bred in Boulder CO, Kate passionately and purposefully embodies the spirit of her high-altitude hometown. After graduating from the CU Boulder, Kate took her advertising and marketing mettle to NYC where she got a crash course in global firm endeavors followed by a decade in advertising strategy and relations. She then began her entrepreneurial career founding Omnifique now leading a team of the best and brightest minds around the world.

Pam Brewington

Partner - COO (The Genie)
Pamela’s true passion is making ‘it’ happen. ‘It’ consists of 20+ years of strategic planning for big brands around the world like P&G, Walmart, McDonald's, among many others. Her ‘it’ also is creating companies (two of which she runs full-time), continual self-education at Ivy league universities, and perhaps most importantly turning plans into tangible success. She’s called “wonder woman” for a reason.

George Watt

Partner (Principal Mover)
George’s passion is for building. After receiving his Masters in Architecture he created his own firm that was recognized by President Obama who contracted him to teach his sustainability knowledge throughout third world countries. His building expertise is put to good use partnering with Kate from the inception of Omnifique to working out of her garage to building a world-wide company.

Lindsey Thurow

Business Specialist (Enterpriser)
With Lindsey’s vast 12 plus year career in luxury sales and hospitality, she acquired the sophisticated stamina with a wealth of practical knowledge that is needed in this niche industry. She is driven in everything she does from creating LA Fashion Week which she managed for years to creating Idaho’s only luxury concierge firm to enjoying the great outdoors in her hometown of Bosie to running the entire Idaho Ominfique chapter giving 100% to everything she does.

Orit Manham

The Sales Producer (Sales Associate)
Orit is eager for knowledge. He really enjoys brain challenges though reading any historical fiction and bio material falling in his hands. Not only he is really interested in AI but he is also a big fitness and sport fan. He owes his vast experience in business, marketing and sales to his degree in Economics and Art History at Union College and his MS in Commercial Real Estate Finance and Investment at NYU.

Marcela Montero

Executive Manager
Marcela’s passions include cooking, interior design, dancing, singing, and spending time with her family. After studying Political Science and earning her master’s degree in International Relations, she worked in PR managing an array of clients. Her attention to detail keeps Omnifique in tip-top shape.

Chris Rowland

Listings Manager
In Chris’ spare time he enjoys taking long strolls in the countryside, cooking Indian food, polishing up on his Spanish, and reading history books. Living in Chile for the past 4 years has given him the opportunity to explore the country and learn about the culture. Chris finds market expansion opportunities for Omnifique using his skills in data analysis and information technology.

Naomi Marshall

Expansion Research
Naomi’s love for travel has brought her to Chile, Colorado, and a myriad of places in between. After five years in the front range, she decided to move to the Western Slope of Colorado where she earned her teacher's license, built a shipping container home, ran a small organic farm, and taught high school art. Living off the grid for two years has taught her the true value of hot running water and gives her an edge on understanding just what it takes to create a truly exceptional life experience.

Heidi Phan-Peterson

Heidi’s passions are her family, new challenges, traveling, cooking, hiking, and reading. She spent three years living in France and Switzerland as a student and young professional, earning both her BA and MBA at UC Berkeley. Her experience in financial analytics, marketing, and consumer experience makes her a natural fit at Omnifique.

Daniel Brewington

Director of Security (The Force)
Daniel has over 30 years experience in Personal Security, Armed Forces and High Profile Personalities security manager.

Paula Bonnet

Digital Strategy Manager
Paula definitely loves to experience the world through words, books, writing, traveling, culture and food. After becoming a journalist in Argentina, she decided to get herself into the digital media and radio industries. She has dedicated the last five years to work in digital marketing firms in Argentina, Chile, and Germany.

Iana Guerrero

Tarylen Cleaning Services (Magician - Housekeeping Manager)
Iana is a magic maker turning everything she touches to something absolutely beautiful. Hard working doesn’t even do justice to her amazing devotion to transformation.

Francisca Manríquez

Listings Assistant
Francisca loves enjoying simple things in life: family, the sound of waves, traveling and smiles on the faces of people around her. Her good aesthetic taste comes from looking at beautiful buildings and houses in the small coast Chilean town of Zapallar. She earned A Foreign Trade Degree and her taste for world-class products and services is certainly a great contribution to Omnifique.

Francisco Larrañaga

Digital Media Assistant
As passionate for art as Francisco is, he loves creating. He graduated from Literature school (with honors!) and his life path has taken him to put all his creativity at work in leading teams in several companies and digital marketing agencies such as Riot Games and BARE international, among others His main tasks were always focused on delivering the best service for all their clients and partners by using communication, content creation and creativity to achieve his goals.

Marcelo Godoy

Advertising / Design
Marcelo’s 15 years of experience in the advertising industry has led him to put his skills to work in both the public and private sectors. His contribution to creating own – brands and initiatives related to government programs made him gain priceless experience in his field. In the private sector, he has developed several endomarketing strategies for retail, banking and communication companies in Chile. Marcelo’s personal passions are rock, bike riding, playing tennis and, of course, traveling around the world.

Sybila Canobra

Writer (The Bookworm)
Sybila is the kind of person who sees beauty everywhere. She sees the world as a vast playground. She loves interacting with others and that is probably why she likes teaching so much! As a professional translator, she has taken part in countless creative projects such as movies, books and plays… that’s probably where her passion for writing comes from.

Ava Grundy

Guest Services & Office Assistant
Ava’s passions are education and psychology. Lifting other people up is what makes her happy. Ava loves to spend her spare time scuba diving whenever she gets a chance. Altruistic and generous as she is, she has spent many hours serving as a volunteer in and around the country of Boulder while using her virtuousness in active engagement in customer service and representation of both, brands and organizations.

Gus & Zero

Team Mascot
They bring so much love and energy to the office. Always ready to give a kiss to anyone and everyone. Plus looking at their silly faces just makes us smile.


Omnifique is the world’s premier firm that allows luxury properties to be shared to this magnitude for the first time in primarily lived-in homes. Not only are our assets perfectly prepared but our concierge service will allow you to put your mind at ease and have confidence that every detail is executed to perfection. Our tagline is also our motto - enjoy, we make it happen. We are always thinking two steps ahead to make your time with us unparalleled. Nothing is out of reach, no request is too obscure, and our answer is always ‘YES’. Of course, we are on-demand 24/7, but we’re like your local guide with info on all the hot spots and must-knows in each of our many locations. We really Do. It. All. Enjoy!


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