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What is Organic Architecture?

In the past, we’ve discussed how the Bauhaus movement at the beginning of the 20th century set out to connect interior and exterior spaces. However, this school of thought crafted buildings that clearly set themselves apart from their natural surroundings.

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How to Create Ambiance through Scent

At Omnifique, we love curating unique 5-star homes for our guests to choose from. Still, we also enjoy hand-picking unforgettable experiences tailored to the specific needs and interests of each and every person who walks through the door. When guests

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5 Getaway Ideas for Spring Break 2021

The beauty of spring (besides the perfume of blooming flowers, of course) is the endless possibilities for traveling. At Omnifique, we love designing custom-made adventures tailored to our guests’ needs and desires. During the spring, this means anything from sunny

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5 New High-End Homes to Enjoy at Omnifique

We’re so excited about the arrival of five new, stunning properties that we’re proud to be adding to our high-end home rental collection. It’s the perfect way to get 2021 off to a magical start and just the right injection

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3 Ideas for National Vacation Day

Have you heard about National Vacation Day? Its date is locked into the annual U.S. calendar, which comes around every January 26, and it gets us excited every time. But what’s this current calendar date all about, and what ideas

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3 Benefits to Offsite Meetings in Secluded Locations

Just think about it logically for a second… Office environments are full of distractions, employees become accustomed to taking coffee breaks every hour, interruptions come our way from all directions, and some people arrive late because of traffic or transport

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