Golf Getaways


“A” game all the way!


Proven fact: life is better when you're golfing. That's why we've curated a set of exclusive experiences for you to immerse yourself in the wonders of this elite sport. Plus, many of our favorite villas are located minutes from the US' top golf courses.


What you’ll be up to:  It's not only about carrying the bag of a top PGA Pro playing at the very top of his game. Being a Tour Professional caddy means providing expert advice on weather conditions, club selection, and putting assistance. You won't believe how much insight you can get from playing alongside an expert like this. Why we hand-picked this experience: Pro caddies read greens, suggest the proper club depending on the distance and lie, and more. It helps to have a surplus of mental strength and expertise!


What you’ll be up to:  Breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner… A full eighteen holes is a feat of endurance! We are happy to provide chef-prepared meals fit for the specific needs of a top golfer. In the club or at your Villa, tailored to your needs and desires always. Why we hand-picked this experience: Just like any athlete, keeping your body and mind fully fueled is crucial. Plus, why not have renowned chef prepare delicious meals for you?


What you’ll be up to:  A therapeutic sports massage is a great way to improve your game! No matter your level of play, a spa day carefully designed with the needs of a golfer in mind is ideal to avoid injuries, increase your range and flexibility, and improve your posture. Plus - ahh, it feels amazing! Why we hand-picked this experience: After a challenging eighteen holes, nothing sounds better than a soothing and relaxing treatment specially designed for you!


Modern and minimalist. Secluded and retreat-y. Lush, dipped and soaked in more lush. No matter what vibe you are diggin’, we have something for you. Contact us and let us know which golf course around the world sparks your interest and we’ll find a villa there that meets your requirements.


We run our business as our high-achieving clients run theirs. With laser focus, corporate-style execution, and no detail overlooked. A spotless Villa, James Beard Award-winning chef, certified boat captain, vaccinated housekeeping staff, the office of the best pediatrician in town on speed dial, and so, so much more. We are there for our guests 24/7 before, during, and after the Stay, so they enjoy a flawless experience.

At Omnifique, we are committed to excellence. Compromise elsewhere.


We're here for you, ready to start taking your measurements. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll begin with the thorough design process involved in organizing and executing each stay.