3 Ideas for National Vacation Day

Have you heard about National Vacation Day? Its date is locked into the annual U.S. calendar, which comes around every January 26, and it gets us excited every time. But what’s this current calendar date all about, and what ideas do we have to help you breeze through the day in style? Here we go…

What is National Vacation Day?

Before we launch into all the great ideas we have to share with you in light of this year’s National Vacation Day; you might be wondering what the date is all about. So…

National Vacation Day is an annual U.S. calendar date invented to inspire all U.S. citizens to plan their vacations for the entire year on January 26. It’s a date designed to generate enthusiasm and excitement for travel plans throughout the year ahead and the chance to take advantage of some fantastic deals on offer at the start of the year.

Essentially, January 26 is all about putting your vacation dreams ahead of all else. It’s a day for you to make travel plans your priority, have fun choosing where to go and when to go, and pick up any deals that might be floating around within those 24 hours. Exciting!

Why Take Part?

Think about it… Fewer things in life can be more gratifying and uplifting than the thought of going on a trip. Just planning a vacation is enough to lift spirits and increase energy levels. So, why not dedicate your entire day on January 26 to flipping through those travel magazines and encouraging friends and family to do the same?

2021 might not seem like the best year to make travel plans for obvious reasons, but nothing is ever as it seems on the surface, and we believe that it’s important to dream the perfect vacation and keep moving forward. A positive attitude results in exciting adventures, and there’s no reason to believe that what you plan today can’t be put into action later on in the year when the time comes. Stay positive, we say!

What’s more, remember that 2021 is not 2020. Travel operators and service providers have 365 days worth of experience operating within a new kind of travel industry. We’re all prepared for what 2021 might have to throw at us, which means more people will most likely be able to travel, more people will feel comfortable about traveling, and so rental homes, tours, events, and the like, are going to get booked up fast. Don’t miss out!

National Vacation Day: Recommendation 1

Our first recommendation would be to take a trip to Hawaii. Why? Beautiful climate all year round, gorgeous beachfront, 5-star properties to rent, and the perfect opportunity to just switch off, relax, and recharge those batteries. You could plan to go for a long weekend, a restful week, or an entire month, combining home-office work requirements from the comfort and bliss of your Hawaii location.

You could also choose to plan four or five long weekends to the same 5-star property in Hawaii throughout the year, assuring yourself of regular moments that are designed to destress and detox your body from now until Christmas. Hawaii, and it’s reliable climate, offers the perfect opportunity to make those kinds of plans.

National Vacation Day: Recommendation 2

We wholeheartedly suggest making plans to stay in 5-star home rentals and not in hotels, and not just because we manage 5-star home rentals. We genuinely believe that 2021 is not the year of the hotel, but it is the year of alternative travel plans. If you’ve never stayed in a 5-star home before, 2021 is the year to give the experience a try and, naturally, we’re here to make that experience happen for you if you so should wish.

When choosing a 5-star home to rent, you get all the comfort of a 5-star hotel, combined with the privacy and increased safety measures from staying in a private home. You can request added extras, like personal chefs, special excursions, a personal trainer, a course in wine tasting, a catering service for a private party you’ll host during your stay, and the list continues. When you stay in a 5-star home, you can request anything your heart desires. That’s the beauty of the high-end home treatment, as opposed to the 5-star hotel service.

National Vacation Day: Recommendation 3

Variety! Most of us spent 2020 feeling a little (if not a lot) restricted, and we had to get creative when it came to making travel plans. Despite the difficulties that 2020 posed, we all overcame them, and we found new ways to travel and new ways to enjoy being away from home. This year, we invite you to open your hearts and minds to variety, and we invite you to begin on January 26.

Spend the day searching for places in the U.S. you’ve never been to and things you’ve never done before. Want to learn to ride a horse, or prepare sushi, or dance the flamenco? Want to visit Aspen in the fall, or Boulder in the summer, or take a trip to NYC for the first day of spring?

Use January 26 to inspire you to plan a year of travel based on variety. Think outside of the box, plan to do those things you’ve always wanted to do in the U.S. but you’ve never actually made time for. And, don’t forget, you can also ask us. If you’d like to visit somewhere new, stay in a new kind of home, or take part in an activity you’ve never tried before, but you need help with inspiring ideas, then reach out because we’ve got plenty of them to share with you.

Happy National Vacation Day!!!

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