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60 Costa Rica Facts that Will Make you Book your Next Getaway

When you think of white sand beaches and turquoise waters, the image in your head is probably Costa Rica. This lush country is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which means there’s plenty to do: from visiting … Read More

How Omnifique is Changing the Narrative

At Omnifique, we pride ourselves on pushing the standards and defying the status quo to design and craft money-can’t-buy experiences so excellent and unforgettable, it’s impossible to go back. This means re-writing the handbook on what’s expected from a company … Read More

The Rich History of Hawaiian Cuisine: Ancient, Diverse, Vibrant

At Omnifique, we firmly believe that local cuisine is a great way to dive into a new destination. What we eat is rooted in our identity. It’s a mixture of regional ingredients, inherited techniques, and outside influences. Food merges geography, … Read More

Zeke Lau: Presence and Perseverance

The set-up is simple. Pro surfer Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Lau is sitting at a table. In front of him, a computer where he plays, describes, explains, analyzes, and re-plays videos of him attempting different tricks in the water. You can see … Read More

Ocean Ramsey: Powered by a Passion For Conservation

Photo credit: Juan Oliphant  The video starts with a blue screen. It looks clear and quiet. Suddenly we realize we’re looking at underwater footage. In the top left corner of the screen, a shark appears. We later learn it’s a … Read More

Relational Art: Communicating through Creativity

Can art be a channel of communication among people? In Marshall McLuhan’s words, could the medium be the message when it comes to art? What is art anyway? Well, we can’t answer both questions, but at least we can shed … Read More

What is Organic Architecture?

In the past, we’ve discussed how the Bauhaus movement at the beginning of the 20th century set out to connect interior and exterior spaces. However, this school of thought crafted buildings that clearly set themselves apart from their natural surroundings. … Read More

How to Create Ambiance through Scent

At Omnifique, we love curating unique 5-star homes for our guests to choose from. Still, we also enjoy hand-picking unforgettable experiences tailored to the specific needs and interests of each and every person who walks through the door. When guests … Read More

5 Getaway Ideas for Spring Break 2021

The beauty of spring (besides the perfume of blooming flowers, of course) is the endless possibilities for traveling. At Omnifique, we love designing custom-made adventures tailored to our guests’ needs and desires. During the spring, this means anything from sunny … Read More

5 New High-End Homes to Enjoy at Omnifique

We’re so excited about the arrival of five new, stunning properties that we’re proud to be adding to our high-end home rental collection. It’s the perfect way to get 2021 off to a magical start and just the right injection … Read More