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Are Vacation Rentals Open?

Looking to travel soon? Well, vacation rentals are perfect for a safe change of scenery. You’ll avoid crowds at shared spaces, can go for a super secluded property literally in the middle of nowhere, and won’t face a large team … Read More

Destination Staycations: How COVID-19 Shaped Traveler Behavior

Your typical Summer and Fall travel plans have been thwarted. You’ve done your part – staying in, wearing masks, and quarantining when necessary. But for many, the itch to travel has only been worsened by the cabin fever of the … Read More

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What is Art Deco?

Ah yes, the glamour of the 20s. A lavish display of wealth, over the top ornamentation, and, of course, flowing rivers of champagne.  The Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. This is where, in 1925, Art Deco started … Read More

Crafting Experiences for Guests: Heating & Cooling

Guests don’t want to worry about temperature. Heating and cooling are crucial when on vacation: travelers want to relax and feel comfortable, no matter the weather outside. This is especially true when visiting a climate they’re not used to. For … Read More

Gem‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Month:‌ ‌Marigold‌

Marigold is perfectly located in walkable distance to downtown Boulder and the hiking trails. This home is a sunny retreat for those seeking quiet times among loved ones. With an interesting backstory and plenty of cute little nooks, let’s hear … Read More

Partnerships and Opportunities: How our Sales Team Operates

2020 brought Omnifique a new set of challenges, but also many opportunities. As you can read here, guests all over the country are turning to vacation homes to avoid crowds at hotels. For our Sales team, this meant answering a … Read More

Trend: Why Travelers Prefer Homes to Hotels

Since the beginning of summer, we’ve seen an uptick in inquiries. Also, there’s been plenty of media coverage about the growing interest in lived-in homes as the perfect accommodation during social distancing times. Read on to learn why travelers are … Read More


Clean Lines, Simple Shapes and a Love of Light: What is the Bauhaus

Is architecture an art form? What about interior design? Well, at the beginning of the 20th century, an interdisciplinary collective asked themselves the same questions. That’s why in 1919 German architect Walter Gropius (1883–1969) founded the Bauhaus, a school that … Read More


Gem of the Month: BASALT

“Everywhere you look should help your brow unfurrow,” says homeowner William Raup about Basalt, the latest addition to our Boulder portfolio. And he’s right: the home is truly a balm for the soul. We fell in love with its chic, … Read More

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Crafting Experiences for Guests: an Unforgettable Outdoor Area

What do most of your holiday photos look like? Your kids playing around in the pool, a steamy soak in the hot tub, sharing stories with friends under the stars, around the fire, sunbathing, barbecuing… It’s all about those memories … Read More