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[om-ni-fic] Adjective

Capable of making or doing anything; all-creating.


A French twist.

Because, why not?


Think of us as financial consultants who manage the currency of time instead of money. We design and execute tailor-made, comprehensive escapades that include meticulous, on-demand, and on the ground services, experience curation, vetted accommodations, and anything else one may need or desire. At Omnifique, we are committed to excellence. Compromise elsewhere.


From closing a 4,000-acre adventure park for an easily-recognizable client who wanted private time with their loved ones freediving with sharks - we are experience couturiers, constantly sourcing and vetting unique adventures, all with complete privacy and secrecy. Plus, from comprehensive itinerary planning and execution to having a fresh cup of coffee always at hand - every detail is taken care of! We sweat the small stuff.


Whether it's the routine or the extraordinary, we do it all to truly create the 5-star hotel-like experience in a private Villa setting. We provide premium, 24/7 on-demand and on-the-ground assistance to take care of any detail: from booking a table at a Michelin-starred restaurant to having the saltwater pool at the requested temperature. We don't rely on third parties or vendors - we fly our full-time operations and guest service staff anywhere in the world to assist on the ground before and during each stay.


We are independent of property managers, vendors, and travel agents - fully committed to providing escapades that match our clients' requirements and curating villas based on each group's needs. In-property bowling alley, oceanfront with private beach access, lakeside with boathouse, next door location for security, and more. We source only the crème de la crème and ensure every amenity and feature is guest-ready before and during the stay.

Our clients get to experience worry-free joy while we take care of their most valuable commodity: their time.


The ultimate guide to everything Omnifique.

What is Organic Architecture?

In the past, we’ve discussed how the Bauhaus movement at the beginning of the 20th century set out to connect interior and exterior spaces. However, this school of thought crafted buildings that clearly set themselves apart from their natural surroundings.

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How to Create Ambiance through Scent

At Omnifique, we love curating unique 5-star homes for our guests to choose from. Still, we also enjoy hand-picking unforgettable experiences tailored to the specific needs and interests of each and every person who walks through the door. When guests

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5 Getaway Ideas for Spring Break 2021

The beauty of spring (besides the perfume of blooming flowers, of course) is the endless possibilities for traveling. At Omnifique, we love designing custom-made adventures tailored to our guests’ needs and desires. During the spring, this means anything from sunny

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This team feels like the Olivia Pope & Associates of the Hospitality world. If you don't get the Scandal reference know that Kate and her team will get any answer, graciously meet every need, and expertly manage A-Z and back again. It is beyond comforting to work with and experience this level of care. I'd give another star if that were an option.
Tim Brazier



You've learned we do anything and everything to design a truly bespoke experience. So, what are you dreaming about? Do tell!