A Stairway to the Treetops: Presenting the Tower House

What makes great architecture? For the masters at the Bauhaus school, a perfect combination of form and function, clean lines, big windows, geometric shapes, and glass facades were key. So, if we take note of their expertise, our brand new property Tower House should be a clear example of architecture as art.

The Property

Located in Olivebridge, NY, this hidden gem is tucked away in a forest and atop a hill. To provide relaxing views of a nearby lake and the Catskills mountains and as its name indicates, the Tower House was built aiming at the canopy. Designed by world-renowned architect firm GLUCK+ as a stairway to the treetops, this property was conceived as a vacation house for one of the firm’s owners and his family.

Besides its iconic shape, the home stands out for its glass-enclosed bright yellow stairs, which highlight the procession from the forest floor to the treetop aerie, where guests can enjoy the marvelous vistas. Each of the three ensuite bedrooms features floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy plenty of natural light. Plus, the Scandinavian-inspired decor matches the beauty of the overall property.

Being One with Nature

A seamless merge between outdoor living and interior spaces is what the Tower House is all about. In fact, its dark green enameled back-painted glass exterior camouflages the house by reflecting the surrounding woods. The impact on the natural landscape is minimal.

The intention of the architects was to keep the footprint to a minimum so as not to disturb the wooded site. The idea was to avoid the need for AC in the summer with the help of fresh forest air, and have sustainable heating for winter. In fact, the sun heats up the staircase like a solar chimney. The windows in the living room provide a framed snapshot of the lush forests enclosing the home.

A Unique Experience

Turning the standard house on its side, this property is an invitation to enjoy contemporary architecture in its purest form. Guests will notice how only a small surface of the home touches the ground. Unexpected colors, forms, and shapes will likely provide the perfect setting for an impromptu photo shoot. The property sits on a 19-acre plot of land, which means guests have plenty of space to walk around, hike, meditate, or just connect with the natural surroundings.

Picture yourself watching the lush trees move with the wind or enjoying the sounds of a ferocious summer storm while doing some Yoga or reading a book. That’s what unforgettable experiences are made of.

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